Rich Nigerian men bankroll female actors – Kanayo O Kanayo

Nollywood veteran, Kanayo O. Kanayo has stirred the controversy about rich Nigerian men financing female actors in the industry.

The filmmaker decried the way at which men in the movie industry have been made to look unserious and lazy due to the way wealthy men bankroll their female colleagues.

In a recent interview, Kanayo described men as endangered species.

His words, “Many Nigerian rich men patronise our women and give them benefits that make us look like we are not working hard.

“Nigerian rich men, most of them spend money on our girls to the extent that it impoverishes us. You call a girl, she’s your girlfriend, she says she wants to do a production and demand N100 million to N150 million and you give her. But if na me wey be KOK, you’ll say ‘go and work hard, my friend.’

“Let’s look into this issue because have you seen any lady ask for financial help for any medical expenses? It’s only the men. We are an endangered species, that’s what I am saying.”