The owner of the indigenous music channel that has gone international, all thanks to his sense of humility and hard-work that he injected into it, Femi Aderibigbe who operates a 24/7 entertainment shows on Hitv, Nigezie is an icon to celebrate just has he has celebrated people too.

The handsome dude, having paid his dues in the industry, is today reaping the fruit of his hard labour as we learnt he’s just erecting a gigantic edifice not too far away from where he’s based presently in Nigeria.

Ever since they started building the new Nigezie’s place, work has not for once ceased to continue according to neigbours. They even say, the new development in the life of the highly enterprising dynamite is sight to behold and if everything augurs well, he may be calling the society for the opening of the place before the last quarter of this year. We hope so.

Nigezie is a fully integrated music/entertainment channel that celebrates, promotes and showcases the diverse talent and skills of the average Nigerian home and abroad. According to one of the resourceful hands in the entertainment channel, Andre Blaze “Nigezie represents Nigeria as an entity and as a brand, so all aspects of Nigerian life and the unique experience it offers are showcased in Nigezie with music being the major platform through which we activate and sustain this vision.” The highly versatile and top presenter, Andre told us.