Popular media personality Toolz Oniru  has thrown a question to her fans to advise her on what to do about her cloth which was requested by one of her female fans.

A female fan who claimed to have the same curves as the OAP asked her to give her the dress she wore to Olamide’s OLIC3 concert. But she decided to hear what her fans would say about that which will determine her next point of action.

It is unfortunate that in this part of the world especially in Nigeria, a lot of people read spiritual meanings to somethings. Some advised her to give the cloth while many others disapproved it as they advised her to give her money to go and buy the exact type of the cloth on the grounds no one could tell if she has an ulterior motive.

And moreover, it is not wise to give out your already worn clothes. She decided to make a new one for her instead of giving her the one she wore.