Nigerian veteran actor Richard Mofe Damijo who is now mostly famous for always given out advice to the younger generation has issued another success tip.

The actor seems to be more concerned on how the Nigerian youth can have a better future amidst the current hardship and crime rate in the country.

RMD has urge Nigerian that to succeed everyone needs to be intentional in whatsoever thing he/she wants to do, he said that has everyone steps out to go to any function or his/her day to day activity they are always intentional likewise attaining success.

This is an article for anybody who wants to be successful.

“Many times I’ve been asked what advice I have for young actors and lately I have come to realize that the best advice for anyone, irrespective of career path is to be intentional.

You do not wake up in the morning, have a bath, dress up nice and leave your house without an intention.

You leave to go to work, school, church, market, just take a walk, see a movie, whatever… The point is you step out with an intention. Even if all you want to do is “waka round” without going anywhere in particular, that in itself is still an intention.

This same theory must be applicable in your life, BE INTENTIONAL. Do not live your life without an intention. Don’t enter a relationship without an intention. Don’t start a business without an intention. Don’t pursue a career without an intention. Draw up a long term plan and have a short term one that will help you achieve it, then work towards the plan intentionally. So if you need my advice, it would be these 2 words “BE INTENTIONAL” he wrote.