Everyone! Almost everyone who loves Richard Mofe Damijo, may want him to be their mentors.

RMD has  taken time out of his busy schedule to counsel those he calls his “Interns and Mentees to be,” and had  described himself as “a product of God’s mercy and an embodiment of imperfections.”

He advised. “Dear Interns and Mentees to be. Thank you for your kind validations by constantly expressing your desire to have me as your mentor. Like I’ve said before, I am genuinely happy to mentor but I am extremely petrified at the great confidence and child like trust most of you have for me. I feel like a fraud when I see comments and get DMs telling me how perfect I am because I am far from even being good, I have taken too many wrong turns and from time to time still do. I am just a man forgiven by mercy, saved by grace and kept by love (God -1John 4: 8). I have made mistakes I should be ashamed but for the grace of God that covers it all,” he wrote.

He added, “I do not see myself as the perfect role model and worry about how disappointed and betrayed you will feel if you eventually find out I am just another embodiment of imperfections. I come from a sincere place of no pretence or self righteousness but from a place of willingness to try and be the reason you hopefully turn out better than I did. If you’re here and still willing to be my mentee, then wait for it. February is the month in which the wheels of our dreams will take their first turn. I look forward to what the month brings. Keep your heads up.”