Nigerian Idris Elba, Richard Mofe Damijo is one actor that is highly loved and respected in the entertainment industry.

He is one actor who can leave the entertainment scene for so many years to return years later and still remain relevant.

At his age, his fashion sense is always on point not to talk about his good looks that still makes younger women fall helplessly in love with him.

At the just concluded Alibaba’s concert which took place on the first of January 2017, the comedian left many laughing out loud when he took to the stage to crack jokes.

Who knew he also had talent for comedy? Not so many knew about it. While owning the stage, the actor who lamented about being forced by his friend, Alibaba to put on a tuxedo suit and bow tie, undressed on stage.

He took off his suit and tie to have a causal look of a body hug round neck top and a waist coat, saying “who suit help”.

It’s no wonder why he is loved by so many.