Nigerian rap veteran, Michael Ugochukwu Stephens, known professionally as Ruggedman or RuggedyBaba, has gone on a twitter rant, posting series of tweets condemning the African continent.

His tweets read ;

I weep for Africa.
We are so greedy we have no shame, self respect or integrity. We just want money and power even if it doesn’t come with respect. Africa is a shameless continent, that greed is making us play right into the hands of the western world.
I weep for Africa.
MS 2019

If after 50 years of independence you have not built the necessary infrastructure for your people, are you humans?

If you sit on gold, diamond, oil, manganese, uranium… and your people don’t have food, are you humans?

“If to stay in power, you buy weapons from strangers to kill your own citizens, are you humans?

“If you despise and shoot your own citizens like game, who will respect them?”

“if you take all resources meant for development of your country for personal property are you humans?