Ruggedman,who is now chairman media of PMAN has written a letter inviting Nigerian musicians and entertainers to register under the new PMAN (Performing Musician Association of Nigeria) administration.

Ruggedman details the benefits prospective member stand to gain from registering.: ” Pretty Okafor is the current president and the guy is putting in work and putting things in place for the betterment and benefit of Nigerian entertainers. I need your support to make this work because we are the ones that will enjoy once it kicks off. No more free downloads.

He went on to say “… To curb free downloads Pretty Okafor has brought in a barcoding and encoding company called JS1.Registering with N5000 at any Heritage bank branch automatically opens an account for you and your bio metric ID Card is also your atm card as seen in the attached picture. Before you drop a song you will come register it at PMAN (which is the same as the payment you make when putting your song on iTunes) and they will encode it and give it back to you and you throw it out as normal.

Only this time it has been encoded and the code is synced to your Heritage Bank account. So if u r artist n label owner all proceeds go straight into ur account upon download/streaming from anywhere in the world. People who download with data,automatically pay with data. So it’s the service provider that pays.

If it is a record label and their artist, or producer/song writer it will be documented and payment automatically disbursed into each person’s account upon download/stream according to their sharing formular. Each person’s percentage goes to their accounts. PMAN gets theirs and the government gets their tax.”