Gambia’s president-elect, Adama Barrow is alive and kicking, contrary to a fake news website, Skytrendnews that reported that Mr Barrow  was killed by unknown assailants in the Gambian capital, Banjul.

According to the website, the assailant overpowered Mr Barrow’s private security guards, leaving two of the guards dead and other six injured from gunshots.

Mr Barrow, who will be will be  sworn-in on January 19th as Gambia’s third president is not only alive, but living happily and healthily with his family and getting on with his plans to govern the small West African nation.

“Mr Barrow and the entire members of the coalition are all here and going about their business,” a member of the opposition said

“This story is nonsense. It is only aimed at one thing; cause confuse and anxiety. Gambians should ignore this rumours and continue with their preparations to inaugurate their president on January 13th.” Tension is high in the Gambia and security officers are put on stand-by after President Jammeh unilaterally annulled the results of the December 1st election which was won by Mr Barrow and called for fresh elections.

Mr Jammeh  who has ruled the Gambia since July 1994 had initially conceded defeat and praised the country’s electoral system as “the most transparent election in the whole world,” adding that he would not contest the result.

He later changed his mind and filed a lawsuit at the supreme court asking it to declare him winner of the elections.