Popular Nigerian comedian and actor Woli Arole is back on social media with his advice on marriage and this time he has insisted that food and sex are not enough in a union.

Woli Arole has not just become popular for his starring roles in blockbuster movies but also for his activities on social media which includes sharing his thoughts on trending issues.

The talented comedian some weeks ago sparked a debate on social media when he insisted that s-x before marriage is a sin even if a condom is used during having the s-x.

His statement raised eyebrows on social media as some fans claimed he should be a virgin before advising people on having s-x.

The talented actor now looks like someone that’s not ready to stop dishing out words of advice to his followers despite the high numbers of trolls on his page.

Woli Arole some hours ago encouraged women to look beyond good food and s-x in their marriage as this is not enough to keep a man.

He noted that the only assurance of marital sanity is God and nothing else.

Woli Arole tweeted:

Food and S-x are not enough to keep a MAN in a marriage, see you can be the nicest woman in the world, and Oga will still be misbehaving, you can shower all the respects in the world, Oga go this do nonsense. The only assurance of marital sanity is GOD!!!!!