South African singer, Simphiwe Dana has been classified as a living legend. She is passionate about community upliftment and socio-economic development promoting her stage her coming concert tagged ‘ Simphiwe Dana symphony experience’.

She talked about her show “The show is a first of its kind in South Africa, possibly a first in Africa as a whole. The idea is to cross pollinate African cultures so as to show how beautiful our differences are, as Africans. Also to showcase the best of our cultures. In this world of pop music, we tend to forget the beauty of our origins. This show will be a window to who we truly are.”

Talking about Asa “Asa is my friend, sister and peer. I have been plotting and scheming to work with her for the longest time. Had I been Nigerian, I would have been an Asa. Had I been an African raised in Spain, I would have been a Buika. These 2 women are the best part of the African continent. These 2 women fly the African flag. I am only ever so honored to appear next to them.

Why she got her inspiration from Nigeria “We are very similar actually. I dare say pop acts in SA right now, look to Nigeria for inspiration. Personally I adore Nigerian music. I even wrote a song for Fela, called Fela’s Azania. Fela is one of my muses. The song is called Fela’s Azania because I love SA the same way Fela loved Nigeria.