Sade Adu’s transgender son, Ila Adu has finally gotten rid of his Bosom s and begun to live fully, as a man.

Writing on his Instagram today, the only known child of the Nigerian-British singer revealed that he underwent surgery recently, and is now able to wear the male designer shirts he had previously left hanging in his wardrobe.

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“So many tops I can wear now that I couldn’t before my surgery so happs!! Plus copped this piece,” he said in the post, posing in a Raph Lauren shirt.

This interesting update comes weeks after he revealed that he already lost his previous feminine voice. Ila, who seemingly now goes by the name ‘Izaak Theo’, shared a video of his remarkable development since he started taking testosterone injections.

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And that’s not all: he already has grown facial hair, and now topped with the male physique, one can hardly guess he was ever a female.
Remarkable, isn’t it? See the photo of him recuperating from the surgery: