Popular Fuji singer, Saheed Osupa, has just landed himself in fresh troubles which most likely might affect his personality if urgent steps are not taken to correct the damage done.

The singer for some time has been alleged of portraying himself as Agba Akin of Omoleland, a honorary title presently held by the former World Cruiserweight champion of the world, Bash Ali, and this has caused controversy in Omole land.

Omole Community leaders, Lagos, have now issued a seven-day ultimatum to the Fuji singer to issue a letter of apology for falsely portraying himself as Agba Akin of Omoleland or face necessary actions.

In a statement issued by Alhaji Nosiru Bakare, the Baale of Omole, he said at no time was Saheed Osupa installed as Agba Akin of Omoleland in Lagos, as the Agba Akin of Omole inscribed on the compact disc of Osupa was illegal “because I did not install him.”

According to Alhaji Nosiru, “To put the records straight, you were given the Agba Akin title in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. The jurisdiction of Ifo Local Government does not extend to Omole in Ikeja. You have no power to arrogate to yourself the title of Agba Akin of Omole Land.

“You cannot claim a chieftaincy title in Lagos State without the knowledge of the Omole Community. Your action is embarrassing to the people of Omole and we are by this giving you seven days notice to issue a letter of apology to the community or face legal action. Your apology should be forwarded to the Omole community through our Secretary and published in three national dailies.”