For about two or three months now, there have not been commercial releases of English movies in Ghana.

This should not be a surprising as some English movie producers upon realizing that their kind of movie sell slower and lesser than their Twi counterparts are drifting into Twi movie production with different production names.

The president of the film Marketers Association of Ghana Mr Samuel Ofosu Ampadu A.K.A Dobee says “ for over a month now, any time the list of movies come out, there are no English movies in the list” As to what has led to this drastic fall. Dobee responded that majority of Ghanaian who buy Ghanaian films first look out for Good stories, not Good camera or light so when it happens that way, you don’t expect them to be buying still”

“Formerly, the reason why Nigerian films were selling more than Ghanaian films was the fact that when we send Ghana movies to Nigeria, we allow them to release it first and since their market is bigger than our market and the rate at which people trade from Ghana to Nigeria is very High, people end up bringing the Nigerian copies to Ghana so before the owner of the movie in Ghana will release it, movie fans might have already watched the Nigerian copies. He said

“Even at that time we were able to solve the problem in a way where most of the movies are released in Ghana before Nigeria, so I think by next year we will be able to clean the market and English movies will take different dimension” he added

When we asked him if the English movies in Ghana will not be able to rise by next year like the way Nigerian movies are not making it any longer in Ghana, he said that the Nigerians are not making it due to reasons different from the woes of Ghanaian movies.

Nigerians Movies fell because it got to a time the producers were not advertizing like they used to and if you have a good product and you don’t advertize it, you don’t expect to sell. Meanwhile, Ghana English films are not making it because of poor story lines. People are fed up with the stories we tell” Dobee reiterated

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