Pastor Sam Adeyemi and his wife, Nike, both founders of the Oregun, Lagos-based popular pentecostal church, Daystar Christian Centre, have allegedly abandoned their church and their flock for two years and relocated to Canada.

Sam and his wife were in Canada on vacation in 2020 when the Federal Government declared a lockdown across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the church members assumed that their general overseer and his wife probably got caught up in the panic ignited by the Corona Virus and the resulting lockdown. But when the lockdown was lifted and air travel allowed, the Adeyemis did not return to Nigeria.

Two years after, the couple is yet to set foot in Nigeria let alone mount the pulpit to preach. Adeyemi and his wife allegedly now shuttle between Canada and the United States where their children are schooling. Surprisingly, the cleric preaches to his congregation every Sunday via a pre recorded message that is played from a projector in the church. Although, there are pastors employed by his church to take charge and run programmes seamlessly, the continued absence of the Adeyemis’ hasn’t gone down well with members of the church who have been discussing the matter in hushed tones.

One won’t be surprised if this becomes a trend among pentecostal pastors. Just last year, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the senior pastor of House on the Rock Church told members of his congregation that despite having faith like a Christian should, he also has a plan B. He had talked about the power of technology and how he could harness it to speak to his congregation from anywhere in the world. “Get yourself a plan B,” he had said, while advising members of his church to have a plan B or exit plan from Nigeria.