this is what someone (an olofofo) witnessed on tuesday june 9,2010 at Macnuel Productions owned by Mr. Chidi Nwokeabia

”I had barely entered the reception area of the office when i heard Mr. Emeka Enyiocha shouting at the top of his voice. I listened to hear what the problem was and was able to discover that he was shouting at a certain Mr. Mohammed who happens to be treating the sound for his new production.

Mr. Enyiocha not minding the number of visitors in the office was raining curses on the helpless man. The man was only saying, ‘Emeka, i have been doing this job for a long time, you are an actor and do not know anything about sound, you have nothing to teach me about sound, please allow me to do my job because you did not employ me here’.

Emeka was saying, ‘i know about sound, you good for nothing man’.

Mr. Mohammed from my investigation is said to be a perfect gentleman who would not hurt a fly.
Stella, i felt so ashamed because this is the second time Mr. Enyiocha was behaving like a bully. Recall he was reported to have assumed the position of a director during one of his productions, now he is claiming to know about sound!!.

When i enquired from people around i was made to understand that Enyiocha has become a terror to everybody in the office and the CEO of the company, Mr. Nwokeabia is not calling him to order”.

Please my advice to Mr. Enyiocha is this. It is not easy to run an office without proper training. The fact that he has an office is not an excuse to bully and disrespect people. Mr. Enyiocha should go and acquire some training or better still go back to LASU to get a degree.

A word is enough for the bully wise