Samklef takes responsibility for Verydarkman’s arrest

Controversial Nigerian music producer, Samklef, has taken responsibility for the arrest of social media critic VeryDarkMan (VDM).

Recall that Deji Adeyanju, the lawyer of the social media critic announced on Sunday that policemen from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) apprehended him earlier today.

Later on, Adeyanju also wrote on his Facebook that VDM’s freedom has been secured.

Reacting to Verydarkman’s latest arrest, Samklef wrote in a post on his Instagram page, “I’m behind Verydarkman’s arrest. I have a serious death threat case with him.

“Verydarkman has been arrested! Oya poor envy children make una go protest for una hero. I Samklef, is one of the people behind him being arrested! Don’t play! E needs extra cellcation.”