For the past few days, popular Yoruba actress, Toyin Aimakhu has been battling to save her name from the fraud claims arising from #SaveMayowa campaign which she championed to assist save a young girl dying of Ovarian cancer.

After all her efforts which resulted to over N32 million within three days, there were allegations that Toyin wanted part of the money raised for the sick Mayowa Ahmed.

Upcoming Comedian, Funnybone has taken out time to pledge his support for Toyin while some other celebrities are criticizing and condemning her actions.


“I salute your courage and pray God will bless and protect you for standing up for mayowa. Most people like myself didn’t know about Mayowa up until you joined the campaign. I hear people say your not God, so no one should make reference to you and all. Nigerians forget that the ways of God is not the ways of man. The said amount will not drop from heaven, God will only plant people who will help meet the target. 

U stood up for a noble cause and God will raise people that will stand for in times of your need. Everything happens for a purpose and i know mayowa will pull through. God no dey sleep o. 

To mayowa’s family. No matter what you people shldnt curse @aimakhutoyin. If your attitude towards her didnt change i really dont think all these would have happened. Mayowa is not the only nigerian who is in need. A popular nollywood actor is currently lying down ill and needs 10million. My point is anyhow you choose to look at it. @aimakhutoyin played a pivotal role and should be applauded. 

Thank you nigerians and God bless all who donated. You all shall never lack in jesus name. Amen 




#Godblessnigerians” he wrote on Instagram this morning.