This is a clarion call to PMAN, music lovers and the teeming fans of Kpangolo exponent, Majek Fashek, they should please come to his aid before his condition reaches a point of no return.

It is very glaring that Fashek currently needs help and rehabilitation urgently, from well-meaning Nigerians and mostly the leadership of PMAN. And if the help does not come soon, Fashek, might go the way of others. Did I hear you say God forbid?

We have spotted Fashek twice at O’Jez, looking very emaciated, sick and poorly dressed. Sincerely speaking, this “Prisoner of Conscience” needs an urgent help, but if you are in doubt, take a thorough look at his picture on this page.
The last time he was at O’Jez, several of his fans were crying openly over his sorry sight, in fact, some fans that could not withstand his pitiable sight left the venue immediately.

This is not the time to apportion blames or crucify the once cerebral crooner, for what he has done wrong, it is the time to rescue and rehabilitate him and possibly revive his dead career. We also hope his State government is reading this.
PMAN should swing into action now and act very fast, instead of waiting for his condition to deteriorate to a point of no remedy. This is the time to show love and care to one of their own, currently on the verge of losing it all. Please, Majek Fashek must not die!