Actress and producer Bose Alao has bitten her words exactly a week after she spat them in the throes of domestic violence and abuse by her footballer husband Rasaq Omotoyosi.

The actress who had lashed out via her stays updates on WhatsApp was apologized to her hubby saying she reacted in the heat of emotion and she is sorry for exposing her husband to social media scandals.

According to Bose Alao who had said she was done with the ten years marriage, she was at fault as much as her husband and they have both decided to seek therapy to help them through these trying times.

I posted on my WhatsApp so that he would see it since we don’t follow each other on social media. The mother of four spilled.

She further apologized for making her husband go through stress with the social media posts, “it’s a pity we both can’t manage our anger”

She also denied posting the photos showing her battered face.

Meanwhile all photos of the actress and her hubby have since disappeared from her page while the apology post also was taken down.