Synagogue Church of All Nations wows international community with a gospel play

Days after the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) had its Christmas Carol, the international community is yet to get over the stage drama ministered in the annual event.

Aptly titled ‘The Adulterous Woman: Let God Release You’, it featured Christian actors across the globe. The evangelism unit of SCOAN ensured a high level of professionalism went into the stage presentation. Yet they were able to pass the messages embedded in the scriptures appropriately. Viewers who watched from Emmanuel TV channel took to twitter to rain praise on the choice of costumes, acting and uniqueness of the message. 

The Adulterous Woman is about the woman character in the bible that was brought before Jesus in an attempt to stone her to death. In obedience to the Jewish tradition that dictates that the woman caught in adultery be stoned to death. According to the bible, Jesus defended the woman by asking the angry crowd a self-searching question: let whomever that have no sin in him be the first to throw the stone. One by one they departed and Jesus told the woman, go and sin no more.

“What I truly liked about this version of the SCOAN is the fact that they made the story a modern-day tale by introducing the court and pressmen” expressed Gani Jinka on Twitter. 

The drama may have taken the shine but there were many other colourful activities beamed live to the world through Emmanuel TV as Christians attended within Nigeria and outside the country, displaying their countries flag with pride.

It was a unique Xmas carol, unlike the usual singing galore, it also engaged the audience.

The children department led the service with various illustrative drama to drive home the essence of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to mankind. And when the Church’s choir took over, it was a different ball game all together. 

In a remark at the programme, one of the aides to Prophet T.B Joshua, Evangelist Chris said Christmas celebration by Christians all over the world must be a period of togetherness and peace amongst Nigerians, for the country to move forward. “Jesus Christ, the son of God was born in an inn. So we come together to celebrate that open birth of Jesus and to give him the rooms in our hearts, in our various communities.”

“His birth is a freedom anthem to mankind, the central figure of human history and a great story told by mankind. That is why we assemble here today to celebrate Him in grand style. I believe we must tell and sing Christmas to bring joy, happiness and peace to the world”.