Her journey to stardom was routed through the contribution of her elder brother to her musical career. Today, Bukola Folayan aptly dubbed BOUQUI is a force to reckon with in the music industry –doing what she knows how to do best– rapping. In a chat with TOPE OLUKOLE, she revealed the exclusive side of hers and said “sleep in the studio to get the best music out is no big deal.”

A broadcaster for many years before she ventured into full-time music said “most of the challenges I face in the music industry make me stronger but I can never forget the day we went to perform at the Ogun State University where we were thouroughly dealt with by members of a particular secret cult, we were held hostage for several hours before respite came our way.”

Folayan, who has been away since last year to the United Kindgom, revealed that she toured over 20 places before returning to push out her hot new single sophomore album.

Asked about her relationship with male fans and admirers, she said “I keep everyone where they belong politely. Many may want to go to the extreme but I always find my way without insulting anybody.”

What about her love life? “I don’t like discussing this, because it is very private to me. But to tell you, I’m still single but not searching.”

Going down the memory lane, Bouqui said, “singing is an inborn, becuase in our house we have family choir, but my brother was a good rapper. His music motivated me and helped to build my own career in music.”

Bouqui as popularly called by her admirers added that she has no regret whatsoever “rather the industry is highly challenging, you must be up and doing to keep yourself in the industry, otherwise you will be bloated away.”