The country’s economy is gradually getting out of hand and the masses have been raining down curses on the present government.

Many hopes were crashed as so many people believed the government who vehemently promised change during campaign and ‘change’ was what he actually brought to the table but in different dimension from what the citizen expects.

While many industries have been affected with the economy situation of the country, some entertainers have been saying that entertainment industry is not affected in any way.

In a recent interview, Nollywood actress, Ijeoma Agu has disclosed that while many are complaining about the economy situation of the country, the movie industry have been having a great year.

“During recession, people have more need for entertainment. Funnily enough, I shot more films last year than in the time of economic boom. I don’t know the mathematics or the reason behind it, but the recession has not affected the movie industry.”

What’s your thought about this?