Nigerian cross dresser and whitening lotion queen Bobrisky has flaunted his extravagant and expensive new looks so as the haters may carry on their duty.

The self-acclaimed Snapchat Queen took to her normal platform which she highlighted the price of what is giving him such a glaring looks.

According to the she-boy, the total cost of his looks from his head to his feet is worth 1.4million naira.

Sharing a photo which he details the prices, he said that the hair he wears is sold at N200, 000, gold earring= 1.2million, cloths= 25,000, shoe= 110,000, bangles= 200, 000 which sum up to 1.4 million in total.

This is not the first time nor will it be the last time he will be declaring how much he has to spend to gain his looks.