Popular Nigerian TV talk show host, Funmi Iyanda, is not in to take trash from anybody since it is only Lawma that has the right to pick trash from homes.

Funmi, has not been happy with the way people accuse her wrongly of bleaching her skin as she recently released some photos of her thighs to show that her body changes with nature and not the help of any cream.

She wants people to know that the weather affects skin as she differentiates the one affected by the Nigerian weather and the how her skin looked when she was in London.

“The top is what happens to my skin in fall, winter and spring. The bottom is what it is in summer or when l’m home in my lovely hot country. There are no filters. Pictures taken six weeks apart. Top in London in November, bottom in Lagos in January.

“I do not like the unhealthy pasty lighter one much the golden brown one being much yummier, fortunately it is mostly bundled up in warm clothing until summer or when l come home. I spectacularly hate the snide insinuations and speculations l get on account of this from those who hate the skin they are in. This is my skin, it changes with the weather as nature designs. Next person who talks trash to me will end up in Lawma’s bin. iyalaya anybody melanin on fleek, shades of black”

After the Reggae play the blues, hope you can see her thighs are fresh though for a woman her age.