There was a time Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay were the best of friends and could drink Pepsi together, not any longer. How did this beef begin? It all started when Seyi  said that she doesn’t know Tiwa personally on  “Rubbin Minds”.

Tiwa who was a guest on Urban96FM’s ‘Urban Superstar Top 10’ show  decided to hit Seyi . When she was asked about Seyi . Tiwa responded: “You are so…ugh…having an interview with this girl is crazy. See I knew you were going to drop this in anyway, everybody has heard! What? Am I happy for Davido? Of course. I love him. He’s absolutely fantastic.”

Seyi has responded and in the progress, blocked a fan who spoke more than her mouth. “Babe, go listen to the audio…That shit hurt.” She asked the fan “Strategy? You think I care about this industry like that? No time baby. I used to be a fan and then I saw this” She added “No love and no time”

Then she told others why she deleted the fan “Had to be deleted and blocked. She’s irritating. Very ignorant…Positive and Negative comments welcome, not ignorance.”

Not forgetting that she had shaded the heck out of Tiwa “I don’t know if that’s the goal of most females out here. I think the goal of most females is to get married and have kids. I think that’s the goal for most of us so I feel like once they’ve had a good run and done some music, and done their thing like maybe one or two singles and then they meet a guy, and he doesn’t marry her but maybe the next one marries her. Then they go “oh, ok I’m just gonna chill now” and then they get fat because they’ve had like 20 kids. Erm, but some don’t. Some just have their kids and they come back and they keep climbing and we have to hope and pray that they have a good run”.