Newly engaged actor, Mofe Duncan, has sent out the moral lesson to every lady out there on how to dress and he did not mince words at it all.

He bared his mind on the different ways of dressing that the female now dress up nowadays which he did not appreciate at all because the single ladies do not cover up their cleavage. He shared the difference in three stages.

The first message he shared had a lady who is single and with too much cleavage open for the prying eyes. He made it known that the single ladies leave almost nothing to be imagined when they dress up. He labelled this type of ladies as ‘Single’.

The second message had a lady who was married and still leaving a little for the eyes to see. He labelled this type of dressers as ‘Married’. He said such ladies are trying to still live the kind of life style they lived when they were still single.

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Labeling the third message as ‘Happily Married’, Mofe Duncan, revealed that this is the expectation of every married woman who is supposed to dress up and cover up their body parts.

Mofe Duncan might just be sending his lovely wife to be the type of partner he intends to live the rest of his life with.

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