For the past few days, Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose continues to dominate conversations on social media.

The height been when the management of Zenith Bank denied claims that they funded Ayo Fayose’s  2014 election campaign, then the governor released a statement through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Idowu Adelusi, insisting on his relationship with the bank.

  Not long after this, the new media spokesman of the governor, Lere Olayinka, tweeted that the bank’s executive and officers had gone to beg for the governor’s forgiveness.

 “Executive Director of Zenith Bank, Sola Oladipo led management team of the bank to beg Gov Fayose today,” Olayinka tweeted, and then published a scandalous video which shows an officer of the bank kneeling before the governor.

The video has drawn many reactions from Nigerians, including top movie producer Charles Novia, Professor Pius Adesanmi and CoolFM presenter, Daddy Freeze.

 For Freeze, he is thoroughly displeased with the bank officials and has threatened to sell off his shares with the bank and end all business relationship with them, if the management of Zenith Bank does not offer an explanation on why their officer knelt before a governor.

 Pius Adesanmi sarcastically called Ayo Fayose’s stunt ‘progress’. Read him: “When we see progress, let us acknowledge progress. The last time Fayose’s handlers tried to stage something, they put their Oga behind a podium in a train station in China and claimed he was addressing world leaders and investors.

 Now they have staged their Zenith Bank begging expedition in a living room and not in the Ado Ekiti motor park. This is progress.

 If they keep making progress like this, they’d soon be able to stage convincing pictures of Ban Ki-Moon and other world leaders queuing up for ponmo in Ado Ekiti.“

 While filmmaker Charles Novia says Fayose is ‘no small fry’.

 “He’s something else and possibly the tonic Buhari and the APC need to keep looking behind their backs,” Novia says.

 Read him:“So…it seems that the purported Zenith Bank statement denying that the bank gave Governor Fayose money for his campaign has some untruth in it.

Governor Fayose threatened to come out to expose the bank and how he was funded and quickly ( as shown on AIT News earlier this evening) the Manager of the Ekiti Branch of Zenith and an Executive Director of Zenith from the Headquarters rushed to Ekiti Government House to beg Governor Fayose. Smart Fayose made them do so in front of the television cameras.

So, what does this mean? That Fayose was right about the funds in his accounts never coming from Dasuki or Obanikoro? Or that perhaps EFCC coerced the Zenith Bank to nail Fayose earlier or did Zenith Bank lie to EFCC to save its image? Or that Fayose is really, really the smartest street politician alive in Nigeria today?

Whatever conclusions you reach, the most important thing to note is this; Fear Fayose. He’s no small fry. He’s something else and possibly the tonic Buhari and the APC needs to keep looking behind their backs.

Just one statement and Aisha Buhari is in a flummox and suddenly they are running up and down looking for the real Aisha. Just another statement and Zenith Bank is jittery and EFCC officials are stunned by the turn of events.

Isn’t it clear to his traducers that the man is too smart for all of them? Every thing they throw at him, he comes out triumphant and throws hard punches back.

He’s really a political enigma.“