Life has been good for Praiz. He has won several awards and enjoying the payment he gets from what he is doing as an artiste. Though, he is not married, he is crushing on one of the hottest women in the world and he doesn’t intend stopping until another lady sweeps his feet off the ground.


Praiz looks forward to working with the likes of Tuface Idibia, John Legend, Kendrick Lamar and J-Cole. He has a lot of role models “Growing up, I listened to a lot of R&B. I loved listening to Bongos Ikwue back then. I also fell in love with Paul Play’s music because he was a great artiste who had a different sound and  exceptionally good writing skills. Internationally, I listened to a lot of Boys 2 Men and Carl Thomas. I added John Legend to the list because my vocal dexterity is similar to his. I listen to Tank, Tyrese and Chris Brown. I listen to anyone who does good R&B music.”

During leisure, he loves sleeping and watching movies while sipping a glass of wine.  He talks about his female celebrity crush. “I have a huge crush on Amber Rose and I know that I will crush on her  for a long time. I like her because she is attractive. She is very hot.”