Annie Idibia 2Face Idibia’s wife, Annie, has shared her thoughts on the Buhari-led administration so far. Assessing the present administration during a chat with Showtime, she expressed disappointment while condemning the socio-political situation in the country.

“I’m just praying that God comes through for us during the 2019 elections because the situation of things in the country is quite discouraging and heart-breaking.

I’m tired of everything, especially the killings. This year has been a nightmare as far as I’m concerned so I’m hoping that 2019 would be better.

I hope that God would make them allow us to choose our leaders by ourselves for real this time”, she said sadly.

She added that come 2019 her hope is for a peaceful general election.

“My expectation is for a peaceful election. People should go out there and vote; no fighting, no killing, no destruction, because we’re one nation.” Speaking further, she expressed excitement that Nigerians are beginning to wake up to their responsibilities as the electorate.

“I feel really happy right now because Nigerians are beginning to wake up; people are sleeping no more. It’s quite encouraging to see that a lot of people queue up to get their PVC.” She encouraged entertainers to also encourage others to obtain their permanent voter’s card (PVC) so that they can vote incredible candidates during the 2019 elections.

“I can’t speak for anybody but I can say our role as entertainers is to encourage people to go out and get their PVC so that they can vote incredible people in 2019. We should encourage them to choose their leaders wisely and not just sit at home waiting for things to get done.”