Budding gospel singer, Sola Ayaosi has vowed that she would never become a secular artiste because she loves what she does and she is very much committed to God.

She stated that other people may have ventured into the profession because of the monetary benefit and fame but her main aim of being a musician is to propagate the work of God to His glory.

Sola who is a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God said that she started singing since she was nine years old.

The ex-banker who resigned from her banking work to go into music has this to say,

“God called me to become a gospel singer and I have been compiling songs for the past two years. I get inspirations from God to write songs. One day, I had an urge to record some of those songs since they are not from me but from God and that is what I have done.

“I have never thought of becoming a secular musician and I don’t think I would do such. I am not into music for financial gains but strictly for God. I have always been a chorister since I was about nine years old in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. I did not become a singer because I am a member of my church choir. Instead, I decided to do music because the spirit of God directed me to release some songs from my book because the songs are not for me.

“ They are meant to propagate the word of God, so I had to record them. I get inspired when I listen to my church and my pastor. I used to be a banker but I resigned because I wanted to face my personal business for the sake of my family. People should expect the glory of God from my album. I want to use it to advise people. The message of the album is not from me but from God and the Lord is telling us to do good because He is coming soon,” she added.