When the name Sola Sobowale is mentioned, a hard hearted, trouble making character comes to mind, this is because the actress leaves no stone unturned when it comes to interpreting whatever role she is given.

Recently, the actress who celebrated her birthday had an emotional outpour because of the love she got from her younger colleagues and fans all over the world, especially on instagram.

Sobowale wrote on instagram “Looking back, it is safe to say that this year is one of my favourite years so far. I am always praying for the strength to increase and improve on myself and I can truly say that I did this year.

She further wrote “The fact that I stepped away for sometime, came back, all to be embraced with so much love and acceptance warms my heart, I just felt like letting you all know that I love you so much, you make me push and work harder, I didn’t even know how much I meant to most of you until now. I feel so blessed and special today. God bless each and everyone of you” she wrote.