Nigerian filmmaker Segun Ogungbe who was reported to have married two best friends has finally spoken out on that rumor which he said was only aimed at frustrating him.

According to him the lady that started the whole news was his long time girlfriend who he refused to marry after she pleaded with him for marriage and because she was angered, she decided to lie so has to tarnish is image.

Segun said;

“I read the stories online and there were different versions but the truth is that I did not impregnate my wife’s best friend. It is all rumour. The lady in question was not even part of my theatre group; neither was she a part of my drama school.

She had been my girlfriend for a very long time even before we finally got married. What actually happened was that there was a lady who wanted to marry me a long time while ago and I made her realise that as of that time I could not have two wives.

She is not into entertainment at all and I would not want to mention names. Eventually, I got together with my second wife and when she got pregnant and we eventually got married, the lady was very mad at me. She was the one that went on her Facebook wall to spread the false news that I got my first wife’s best friend pregnant.

She was the one that framed me simply because I did not want to marry her back then. Sadly, people are quick to believe news like this without confirming the truth. No blogger reached out to me before they picked the news from her Facebook page and that is the rumour being peddled against me till date.

 No one would believe the truth till they hear from me but no one reached out to me and how many people would I begin to explain what really transpired.” Segun reveals.

Many had believed that Segun who is the nephew of the late actor and filmmaker, Akin Ogungbe, who reportedly had 20 wives and 50 children, decided to follow in his uncle’s footsteps.