Better known as the ‘Common Sense Senator,’ Ben Bruce is seriously ensuring that his campaign for the use of made in Nigeria product goes a long way in affecting lives and the Nigerian economy at large.


Though the Senator, has received lots of backlash from some public analyst yet he has not allow that to deter his campaign for made in Nigeria product to help stabilize the depreciating naira.

Ben while calling on fresh graduates recently, made it known that the money they have in their account does not belong to President Buhari but a stake in the economy which is the reason why they need to think of a business they can invest in to help grow the economy.

In his words, “The end result of graduating university with a degree shouldn’t be to become a job seeker, but to use your skills to start a small business. The Naira in your account doesn’t belong to Buhari. It’s your stake in the economy. Help Buhari stabilize Naira.”

To further drive home his point, the Common Sense Senator’s attention was called on a physically challenged cobbler by name Babatunde Lawal and he was moved as he had to order for 10 pairs of sandals.

In his words, “I admire Tunde. If he can start a business, why can’t you? I just called and ordered 10 pairs.”