It was the early 2000s that Alariwo of Africa, hit us with his song, ‘Yawa go Gas’. Today, he has become a household name that even the high and mighty courts his talent.

Since he came out with his latest songs, ‘Buy Naija to Grow the Naira’ and ‘Common Sense,’ where he featured Senator Ben Bruce, a lot of people are saying that the senator paid him so much money.

 Alariwo denies this “One thing I need to make clear is the fact that people are saying the Senator paid me to do those songs. This is false. I was not paid a dime; I have not met Senator Ben Bruce since I did that song. I spent my money shooting the video and I did everything myself. I only met Ben Bruce on his birthday when he invited me because of the ‘Common Sense’ song that I did. That was the last time I saw him. I have not seen him since February. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.”

He also denied that Innoson Motors gave him a car since he also mentioned the millionaire businessman in his song. “I wonder why people would also say that. I wasn’t given any car by Innoson Motors. That is the truth. At the moment, I don’t have a car, my two cars were sold when my wife and I were ill,” he said.

Alariwo talked about his wife’s health. “My wife had what they called Pulmonary Embolism, also known as blood clot. It was a tough time but God took control and my wife was in the hospital for a long time. We left the hospital and now she is having some private treatment, she is now having her physiotherapy sessions at home. Before, she was not walking and she was confined to a wheelchair but God healed her. Now, she is using a stick to assist herself and even though she limbs when she walks. By God’s grace, she would walk again.”