This would definitely make younger women envious. Senator Florence Ita Giwa is still very hot!

Despite her age she sill attracts the attention and affection of much younger men, at least, that’s what Lipservice found out at Encomium’s Black & White Party held in Lagos.

If Madam Senator thought it a joke, Independent TV producer, Elkanah Mowarin thought differently. Was it that excess testoteron was running riot in his veins when he closed in on her in the glare of everyone or was he just having fun?

Anyway, we really can’t tell but you’ll have to be the judge. Below is the exchange that took place:

“You look 30 and I hereby request for your hand in marriage,” Mowarin pleaded with all seriousness.

“How old are you?” The Senator asked in an equally cool voice. Obviously encouraged, Elkanah quickly replied, “I’m 47.”

For a moment Madam Senator hesitated as Mowarin’s heart definitely pounded away. And when she replied in an even cooler voice, Mowarin must have been disappointed.

“You are too young for me, I don’t date younger men!” The guests who had listened intently to this unusual love proposal burst out in applause for the two