The 35-year-old tennis champion is giving us all sorts of body goals on the cover of The Fader’s November issue.

Looking fierce in an orange tank top and white bikini bottom, Williams tells the magazine she’s all about loving herself and avoiding all the haters.

 “People have been talking about my body for a really long time. Good things, great things, negative things,” she explains. “People are entitled to have their opinions, but what matters most is how I feel about me, because that’s what’s going to permeate the room I’m sitting in.”

 “It’s going to make you feel that I have confidence in myself whether you like me or not, or you like the way I look or not, if I do,” she adds. “That’s the message I try to tell other women and in particular young girls. You have to love you, and if you don’t love you no one else will. And if you do love you, people will see that and they’ll love you too.”