Nigerian music stars, Seun Kuti and Peter Okoye, on Wednesday, exchanged words on social media following the former’s comments on the chances of Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, in this month’s election.

Kuti, the son of the late Afrobeat maestro, Fela Anikulapo, had in a recent interview described the former Anambra State governor as a “capitalist opportunist” with nothing to offer Nigerians.

Okoye, who is an ardent supporter of the LP candidate, quickly fired back at his colleague with disparaging comments on Twitter.

He wrote: “Dude just erased his father’s history. You said only the propel of Nigeria can save Nigeria. Is PO and the rest candidates, not Nigerian people? Shame! Shame! Shame!!!”

In another post, Okoye insisted that afrobeats singer was nothing without the “Kuti” in his name.

In a series of posts on his social media handle on Wednesday, Seun described the other half of the PSquare music dynasty as a talentless gimmick.

He wrote: “Not only are you talentless, you are a gimmick. Tried to go solo without your ‘packaging’ what happened to your career?

“Just like your candidate can’t decide his party? Today APGA TMR PMP NEXT TMR LP, you sef can’t decide if you want to be a twin duo or solo artiste.

“Where is your Grammy nomination bro? Dem no dey give that one to people Wey dey thief songs.”

Determined not to be beaten to his game, Okoye, took to his social media handle, dismissed Seun’s musical career, and wondered if he ever had a Grammy nomination.

The music star argued that his colleague was “living in the trenches.”

He wrote: “Grammy nomination na yardstick to measure good music? Abeg which yeye song them use nominate you wey we know?

“Grammy nominee wey still dey live for trenches! I dey sure say na still your papa house you stay!.

“Stop deceiving yourself bro! Nobody rate you for this industry!”