Sex-for-jobs in entertainment industry is not gender-based – Temitayo Adeniyi

Nigerian Actress, Temitayo Adeniyi, has shed more light on the menace of sex-for-jobs in the country’s entertainment industry.

The actress corrected the notion that only female entertainers are affected by the plight but argued that their male counterparts suffer the same fate.

She further clarified that the menace is not limited to the entertainment industry only.

Adeniyi said, “Sex for gigs in the entertainment industry is a tale as old as time. And, that doesn’t only apply to the female gender alone. Men are actually not left out. Also, it is not limited to the entertainment industry. It happens in all sectors where males and females coexist.

“In the entertainment industry, it is mostly a case of two consenting adults. Whatever advances thrown at one can either be rejected or accepted; it is solely dependent on the individual. If it is otherwise, then it becomes a case of force.”

Giving her reason for taking a break from the industry, Adeniyi explained that her decision was to help her explore the world, acquire more knowledge, and focus on her businesses and investments.

Asked about the changes she would like to see in Nollywood, the light-skinned role interpreter said, “In recent times, there have been quite a lot of remarkable advancements in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and we are all proud of it. The industry is growing at a fast pace, and we are glad about that. I will love to see an industry that gives every talent a level playing field; where there isn’t stereotyping and favouritism.”