One wish that Nollywood starlet, Seyi Asekun, would quickly ask for, is to have butts and curves like that of Hollywood’s reality TV Stars, Kim or Khloe Kadarshain.

“If I have an opportunity to alter my body in anyway, I’ll get rid of my tummy. I will also ask to have the kind of bums Kim and Khloe Kadarshian have,” she squealed in a recent interview.

The budding star also revealed the part of her body she sees as assets. “Probably my eyes but I did not know that they were big until 2001. When I was graduating from secondary school, we normally had a book, where students put their names, bio, and names of their crushes among other information. I stumbled on someone’s slum book and when I opened it, the person wrote that I had sexy eyeballs and she liked it.

The person was not even my friend and I was shocked. For a long time, I always stared in the mirror to see what is sexy about my eye balls. As I grew up, I realised that my mother also had big eye balls and I began to appreciate it. Lately, people also say that they like my dentition.”

The fact that tattoos and body piercing have become a fashion trend would not make the script interpreter have any to become trendy. She would rather have her body the way it is, than bear the pains of getting a tattoo. “I don’t like it because I don’t like pain at all.

The same ear piercing that was given to me since I was a baby is the only one I have now. I have not added any other piercing to it. Inasmuch as I admire it on people, I can never have one because of the pain. I also do not like the fact that I will be stuck with a drawing on my skin probably for the rest of my life.”

For, Seyi, one of the things fame have robbed her is her natural self because as an actress, it has become mandatory to apply make-up before she steps out of the house. “Even if I do not do anything, I will want to make sure that my eyebrow is properly done. I cannot go out without make-up,” she said.