We have seen some of the pictures online that are questionable but they are not dating. Seyi Edun has been said to be engaged to, Niyi Johnson, who was formerly married Toyin Aimakhu.

It was alleged that Niyi had found solace in the arms of Seyi. Seyi has finally revealed how the rumour started.

She confessed “Okay, I will tell you how the rumour started. One Prophetess Olubori is Niyi spiritual mother and she’s been my spiritual mother too since I was in United States. Though I never met her until I returned to Nigeria.  She calls me her daughter because people say we look alike and she  calls Niyi her son too. She always shows me love on Instagram and I do same to her.

Seyi said “She’s got many of us she prays for. One day she invited Niyi and I  to the mountain for crossover night for three days vigil. Niyi didn’t even come immediately because he was busy but he later joined us. We worshipped there and had the first Sunday of the year service on the mountain.

Niyi had a testimony and was doing thanksgiving on his car gift he got from Mr Kehinde Oloyede and I celebrated with him. I guess that’s how the rumour started that we were engaged because we spent three days together on the Holy mountain. Someone said Mummy (Prophetess Olubori) pronounced us her “favourite couple’ but I can tell you Mummy never said that. She never ever said such anywhere. Someone just went to her page to crop out pictures and started writing stupid captions. Niyi is my best friend forever and will remain for life.”