Things didn’t really end well at the Kiss Daniel’s album concert. Not for Peter Ethan, who is a security guard at Eko Hotel and suites. Peter was slapped hard across the face three times by Seyi Law when Peter tried informing him of another route to ease traffic.

The assault was so humiliating that Peter ended up shedding uncontrollable tears.  Lucky Seyi, he had escaped quickly when the other security men started arriving at the scene. Peter narrates his ugly ordeal in the hands of Seyi.

“I was only trying to redirect him through an alternative route which my boss instructed us on, to avoid traffic jam as guests drive out. To my greatest surprise, Seyi Law just jumped out of his car and began to hurl abusive words at me. While trying to explain to him he just suddenly gave me three dirty slaps. This has never happened to me before, is it because I’m putting on a security uniform? I didn’t expect this kind of attitude from Seyi Law”

It was also observed that Seyi Law was reeling out rib cracking jokes during the concert, he jokingly threw several jabs at 2face Idibia, which has attracted mixed reactions from fans on social media.