Following the bash from controversial media personality Kemi Olunloyo that the baby of comedian Seyi law is obsessed, Seyi law has reacted to that.

Seyi law who is not a medical person like Kemi lectured her on what makes a baby really obsessed. 

“Some of the main factors that leads to Obesity truly include Overfeeding, lack of activities, hormonal imbalances and genetic factors. The measurement of these factors to determine the weight level of a child is done at a more active age. It is also a natural and well known medical fact that children have a level of fat retention to help combat cold in their surroundings and as they grow and become more active, most of the fat is lost to energy burning. 

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If a child weighs 8.3lbs with a height of 60cm at almost 5 months, you can tell that such child is not fat, a fact that Aunty Kemi, my friend didn’t check with me. It is also worthy to know that a child that feeds at 4oz (120ml) every 3 or 4 hour without breastfeeding has a healthy eating pattern. The fact that you are a pharmacist doesn’t mean you know better,” he said

This is just a subtle way to slam the self acclaimed health personnel who should know better before coming out to blast a little innocent baby who looks healthy but have been mistaken as obsessed by Kemi.