Comedian Seyi Law has in series of tweets voiced his feelings on the issue of millions of foreign currencies being recovered in the country by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), without fully revealing who the owners are.

According to him, the anti-graft agency should disclose who are behind the monies, the banks and BDCs involved. Continue reading…

“Hmmmm!! The sudden appearance of money in this country is worrisome and I hope it is not just a trend pattern and what we see is true. Millions of foreign currencies are being discovered and we are not seeing the owners. I am worried and we deserved the absolute truth.

I am worried these monies are found as Govt is pumping foreign currencies into the economy. We deserve to what is real and what is not. You can call me any name, but I think I should know the man that kept $38m to himself and watch him rot in Jail forever. What na?

When Jonathan is brought to book with all he has been alleged to have done. It will be the greatest success story in Nig. when it happens. I want to see the faces of these monsters without conscience. I want to understand why they think we deserve what they did to u.

I’m not a fool who will jump up at mere pictures and videos. Such huge amounts of money can’t be hidden without a co- perpetrator(s) in CBN. I don’t want to be on a jolly ride without a better ending. The currency numbers can give us more clue into those involved from BDC 2 CBN.

I don’t want to be a victim of election’s gimmicks or deception and be left messed after it all. We deserve to know more as it concerns us.” He said.