Quilox is one of the most popular night clubs we have in Lagos. The club draws quite a number of celebrity customers on a daily basis.

Its owner, Shina Peller is a rich dude who is a socialite. For those that are close to him, he often regarded as a simple individual.

Many might really not know he is a philanthropist, as the entertainer decided to give back to the society when he stormed Kumaro and Victoria Island secondary school and gave out educational tablets.

In his words: “I gave out tablets with pre-installed educational syllabus to pupils of Kuramo secondary school and Victoria Island Senior Secondary School. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Children are the future of this country and by investing in their education; we are contributing to the development of the country and creating a literate and self-sufficient country.  I have been quite passionate and dedicated to my mission to help and motivate young children in government schools as well as schools for the physically-challenged by offering scholarships to those who show potential and those who are most in need of it. I do this in hope and believe that I can make a difference in my own little way, with no expectation of a personal reward.”