Bountifully endowed graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ibironke Adebisi Odusanya is one actress that has been around for quite a while and has featured in so many English and Yoruba movies.
Her role in the Yoruba movie, Flaky Ididowo, gave her the name Flaky Ididowo, a name that has stuck to her like a second skin. The story she shared with our correspondent, Aramide Pius is what we’ve packaged for your weekend enjoyment. Read on;

She has been in the industry for quite a while but her name, Ibironke Adebisi Odusanya, may not be so familiar because Flaky Ididowo, a name she acquired in one of her films, stuck on her like glue and she has been called that by fans and even colleagues alike.

Alluring Ronke got into the acting career seven years ago. According to this bountifully endowed actress, she cannot precisely tell which film brought her to the lime because there were two of them that actually did.

“I really cannot tell because the two films that brought me to the lime came out at the same time but I know for a fact that Baba Ologba, the job that my boss did then, brought me to the lime. I played Oga Bello’s child.”

Flaky Ididowo seems to have actually actualised her dreams of becoming an actress and she confirms this; “Yes, it has always been a childhood ambition because when I was in primary school, we used to do drama and I also did it in secondary school and I won an award for it. In my university days at Olabisi Onabanjo University, I also did some stage performances there.”

On whether her career is paying off or not? “Well, I can say it is good because at least, it is better than before.” This pretty lady must definitely have a special guy in her life that is very dear to her heart and who is this guy?

Ronke says the guy is not in the industry as expected by most people and he is loving, caring, and understanding and of course, very, very romantic. How does this our dear lover boy feel when he watches his girl on set being smooched and kissed? “Sometimes he will say, ‘ah, I really don’t like this o, he is too close, he is clinching too close,’ but it is only normal as humans to get jealous once in a while but like I said, he is very understanding,” says Ronke.

On when they are likely to walk down the aisle, the busty actress says ‘that will be when God says so.’ Will this heartthrob of hers ask her to choose between her acting career and their relationship?

She confidently responded; “I am sure he wants the best for me, so he will not do that, besides, we have an agreement on what to do and what not to do so I know he wouldn’t do that.”

Apart from having a heartthrob, does she have a particular mindset on who her kind of man is or should be? She says we all want a tall, handsome and good looking man for a husband but I would say my kind of man is the kind of man God wants for me. How would you know the kind of man God wants for you? ‘Of course I will know when he comes and I know he is around already.”

On her not featuring on English home videos, she says she featured in a film that Francis Agu produced before he died and she had also featured in soaps such as Harmony Estate and a few others.

It is normal for such talented and daring actresses such as Ronke to have numerous embarrassing moments because of the type of roles they play, Ronke is no exception when it comes to that. “Of course I have lots of that.

There was a day I parked my car somewhere on the road and I wanted to buy roasted corn and someone just walked up to me and started shouting at me: ‘Flaky Ididowo, eyin te ngba okoloko, te mamaa si gbogbo oyan le. Mo like e o sugbon oyan to nsii le’ meaning: ‘You that always snatch people’s husbands, that always like to expose her boobs.’

I had to call the woman and explain to her that Flaky Ididowo was only a character in the film and that she doesn’t have to get personal about it and she became reasonable,” she says.

On how she handles advances from male fans: ”Sometimes it becomes very annoying and frustrating but I try to cope and I always make them understand that it can’t work but we can be friends.”

What is that good thing that the acting career has done to her? She responds; ‘It has taught me to relate well with people because as a person, I am more of an introvert, I am a private person who really does not like to mingle or meet people but acting has helped me go places in the world that I may not have gone to ordinarily. It has opened lots of doors for me.’

Ronke is not a designer freak as she wears anything that suits her -designer or not -and she unwinds by sleeping and watching movies and she also plays games like ludo and other simple games