Rapper/comic-actor Falz has said that he and his friends used to steal jokes from popular comedy show, ‘Night of a Thousand Laughs’.


The ‘Wedhone Sir’ singer said he started entertaining people as a member of a group called ‘Schoolboys’ in Olasore Secondary School, Osun state.

“We were gaining quite some ground in school… there was a time we used to steal jokes from Night Of A Thousand Laughs. We used to watch it at home and come to school to crack people up. It was the way we cracked the joke that made it funny,” he told Guardian Life.

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The singer’s father Femi Falana recently expressed joy that his son was now singing about issues that matter– and Falz appears to be on the same page.

He noted in the interview that he endeavours to make music that has “substance”.

“I don’t want to make a song just because, I try to preach and teach with my music. I think it’s about making music with substance…Most of the time I already have an idea and then I hear the beat,” he said.

“I then try to put the concept on the beat; if it flows then I can work with it. Sometimes, it is the other way around when the beat sounds so nice and I have to work with it.”

Falz recently urged Nigerian entertainers to stop praising fraudsters and glorifying ill-gotten wealth with their music.