One thing about movie producer/scriptwriter, Donald Okoli death is the fact that a lot of mysterious stories have surrounded his passage in the past one week.

Right now,top key players in Nollywood are insisting that Donald who was fondly called “The Don” died of ailment related to homos**ual lifestyle.

Insiders revealed to us that he gave up the ghost at Military Hospital Yaba,after many months of struggling with anal bleeding and infection.

According to the information gathered,Donald was a popular gay and was called”Pampers” during his life time.

It was alleged that he was playing the woman to many Nollywood Marketers and top Producers,who are deep into the act and have introduced many young filmmakers into it.

Don they swear was among them and he allegedly wore diapers for over two years,but he was lying to friends who discovered his ordeal that he had urinary track infection and diabetes which made him pass urine uncontrollably.

He equally claimed that he was using diapers to wedge his waste products to avoid embarrassment.

They equally claimed that Donald had all attributes of women in his disposal and till death he was s*x partner of a popular movie director who was the rave of the moment 3 years back who shares his second name with Nigerian’s first chattered accountant.

As gathered from reliable sources,on Wednesday,September 21,2011,he started bleeding and was rushed to Military Hospital Yaba,where he spent two days and gave up the ghost.

Meanwhile,concerned filmmakers disclosed to us that Donald’s death lost sympathy as many people have come to the realization that he was into a questionable kind of lifestyle.

They claimed that individuals who frown at the ungodly illicit behavior are now very nonchalant toward his death,as they insist that those who glorify such lifestyle should bury their dead one.

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