The reigning Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Adaeze Igwe who has just jetted out of the country to meet the beauty queens in other parts of the world for the Miss World Beauty Pageant in South Africa was hosted to an exclusive dinner last Friday at the newly refurbished nightclub, Da Grotto, on Etim Inyang, Victoria Island, Lagos. The leggy queen of beauty who resides in Abuja exclusively reveals a few things about her preparation for Miss World contest to us shortly after the end of the dinner.

“I never expected to win the MBGN crown, it just came, luck was on my side, though, I worked like every contestant to get the crown. Right now for the Miss World I am putting same energy if not more to surpass other contestants. I am like the face of Nigeria amongst other contestants, if or do I say when I win the crown, the glory is for us all. I will be happy and apparently see it as my dreaming becoming a reality. I don’t know the background of other contestants but I have this strong conviction that I am winning the crown with God and people’s support. The Law Diploma undergraduate of the University of Abuja said.

We inquired how she’s been able to cope with stardom as a crowned beauty queen staying in Abuja and she explained to this reporter that it wasn’t too hard for her because her parents would always be there for her to monitor her career as a model. “You will not believe it if I say to you that I have not really had the chance to be alone with a guy ever since I became a queen. No man can come and talk to me anyhow because there is always someone with me. The only thing I have this liaison with many people is if I have a job to do with your company, so the issue of harassment has no place.” She reiterated.

Do you have a boyfriend? We asked her, “no I don’t have a boyfriend. I used to have before now but now that I am a queen, there is no man in my life.” She said on lighter mood.