25 -year-old, Lola Rae said she has great cooking skills and has a mother that cooked for her father before his untimely passing last year, but stated that women no longer need to cook for their husbands.

“Yes, I was brought up in a home where my mum cooked for my dad every single day, but she was a housewife. My thought is if you have the time, it is okay to cook for your husband, but in a situation where you are a career woman and don’t have the time to cook, there are ways you can go about it. You can hire someone to do the cooking for you or cook in bulk on weekends and store in the freezer.”


Reminded that Pastor Enoch Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church of God, admonished men not to marry ladies that can’t cook, Lola who insisted she is a born again Christian, said the position is the opinion of the man of God. “I think it is his opinion and he is entitled to his opinion and if that’s what he feels like the Lord is telling him, then that’s his own message but if there are other people who feel they don’t want their wives to do that and want their wives to support them and that’s what they feel it is their story, then that should happen. I feel that’s his opinion.”

Speaking further, the British-Ghanaian singer said she would cook if she had the time. “Definitely, if I have the time, I will cook because I love to do so. If God allows me and gives me the time do that, I will cook every day.”